Conference Venue

The conference venue (on the map below marked as Osrodek Szk. PIP and a hotel symbol) is:

Ośrodek Szkolenia Państwowej Inspekcji Pracy
ul. Kopernika 5
51-622 Wrocław
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Kopernika Street is not far away from the city center, with which it is linked by several convenient bus and tram lines.

In the vicinity of the conference center is a large exhibition and fair facility (Hala Ludowa), Olimpijski stadium, the Japanese Botanical Garden and the nationally-famous Wrocław ZOO.

You can get to the conference site from the center by trams no. 2, 4, 10 (get out at the ZOO, next to the Wróblewskiego and Kopernika crossing). You can also take buses no. 145, 146, or express bus E (get out at one stop after the ZOO, near the Wróblewskiego and Wittiga intersection).

For the map, see: Zumi


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